Clinical Research Management Suite

AuroraPrime's revolutionary approach to managing clinical research enables you to accelerate study timelines while increasing performance and quality. Our unique offering includes a unified, tightly-integrated suite of feature modules, powered by our Clinical Logic Engine and designed for the future of clinical research.
Beginning with Prime Collect, our Data Management modules—including Data Capture, Quality, and Transformation—let you easily drive clinical studies from setup through execution while managing progress with intuitive, complete, and real-time insights about your study.
Welcome to the dawn of a new era in clinical research management technology.

Clinical data management

AuroraPrime clinical research management suite provides one-stop services for data collection, data quality (review), medical coding and multi-standard conversion. You can quickly and easily construct a study and gain an intuitive, complete, real-time global view.
AuroraPrime clinical research management suite redefines the traditional trial data management system and processes, which will accelerate the development of your trials in all aspects.

  • Prime Collect:
    Universal, Consistent Data Capture

    Prime Collect allows you to easily capture data from various clinical data sources — including eCRFs, ePROs, and external data —all harmonised in a single source platform to ensure completeness and consistency throughout your study and across modules
  • Prime Collect:
    End-to-End Data Quality Control

    Prime Collect uses flexible ,powerful, and easily configurable validation rules that allow you to ensure ongoing data cleanliness and quality throughout the study life cycle, quickly identifying discrepancies from the moment of capture all the way to database lock
  • Prime Collect:
    Automatic, Industry-Standard Data Transformation

    Prime Collect provides built-in support and easy configuration for a wide range of industry and software standards, allowing you to rapidly and automatically transform your data into the formats you need at any stage of your study, from coding, review, analysis, to submission
  • Prime Construct:
    Intuitive, Flexible Study Design & Configuration

    Prime Construct allows you to quickly and flexibly design the study you want, build your database, and configure your modules—all centralised in one place to provide a unified set of configurations for every aspect of your study and every module on our platform
  • Prime Comprehend:
    Holistic, Real-Time Study Insights &Tracking

    Prime Comprehend easily and intuitively gives you complete visibility into your study progress via visual dashboards and reports, providing integrated, actionable insights in real-time, allowing you to compare and drill down into any level of granularity you wish
  • Accelerate Study Timelines

    Prime's suite of clinical research modules—including Construct and Collect—are all powered by our Clinical Logic Engine and specifically engineered to help automate and accelerate timelines, reducing time spent on everything from system configuration, data entry, review to database lock
  • Rapidly Build Any Study

    Prime's powerful, unified Construct module allows you to design and build studies—including complex, adaptive, multi-armtrials—quickly and intuitively with the flexibility to optimize and make seamless mid-study amendments
  • Easily Ensure Clean, High-Quality Data

    Getting clean data is easier and faster with AuroraPrime and our Clinical Logic Engine—from powerful, auto-generated, and configurable validation rules to real-time evaluation during capture, preventing data discrepancies and maintaining protocol compliance has never been easier
  • Manage Risks and Reduce Delays

    Reduce the risk of unnecessary issues and delays—Prime Comprehend's deep integration with every feature module in Prime's Suite brings you holistic, real-time insights sooner and helps you make decisions faster
  • Clinical Logic Engine

    AuroraPrime's Clinical Logic Engine is the underlying driver of all Prime's feature modules, combining deep industry expertise with cutting-edge technology to power your research from start to finish, reduce complexity, and super-charge your timelines with automation
  • Unified, Clinical Database

    Collect, access,and manage all your clinical data in a single place, regardless of data source. Complete traceability and audit trails allow you to be certain of the provenance of your data no matter how it was collected
  • Simple,Intuitive Configuration

    From study design to data validation and transformation, Prime Construct leverages our underlying Clinical Study Engine to enable rapid configuration—including database building— without technical expertise. You can also choose from a range of additional acceleration tools like Spec Import and a customisable Template Library.
  • Flexible,Easy-to-Use Study Designer

    No matter how complex the study, design and build it with ease using our intuitive Study Designer, including a natural, visual interface and an out-of-the-box understanding of key Study Concepts powered by our Clinical Logic Engine
  • Powerful Validation Rules

    Generate powerful, comprehensive validation rules automatically based on your study design and configure them with a few clicks. Have them run in real-time during data capture, throughout data collection, or reconfigure them on-the-fly to ensure data consistency and protocol adherence.
  • Standards-based,Automatic Data Transformation

    Easily configure your data management pipeline to automatically transform your clinical data into whatever format you need next with broad support for industry standards, including CDISC and a range of popular software formats, especially statistical software.
  • Holistic,Real-Time Reports & Dashboards

    See holistic,study-level reports and dashboards and export any associated data with the click of a button. Track study progress in real-time while easily zooming in and out between comprehensive visibility, granular drill-downs, and comparisons of various perspectives
  • Intuitive,High-Productivity User Experience

    Prime was designed with user productivity in mind, providing highly usable features to boost efficiency, including Tasks & Notifications, Productivity Mode for rapid resolution of tasks, auto-saving of data, and Assistants to help navigate particularly complex workflows
Customer comments
  • China Immunotech (Beijing) Biotechnology Co. Ltd. - as the first customer of AuroraPrime, we are deeply impressed by the professional design and refreshing user-experience of the product. Moreover, the sense of mission and vision that emanated from the team opened our eyes to a brand new digital future of AI-driven clinical trials management.
    Zhao Xueqiang Ph.D.
    CEO & co-founder of China Immunotech
  • AuroraPrime Clinical Research Management Suite allows us to provide clinical trial sponsors with accurate and transparent trial data management and customized process management, taking into account the experience of both the CRO and the sponsors, making our partnership with customers more effective and closer.
    the Chief Commercial Officer of Nanjing CR Medicon Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd.
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