AuroraPrime Collect
Clinical Study Data Collection

Beginning with Prime Collect, our Data Management modules-including Data Capture, Quality, and Transformation-let you easily drive clinical studies from setup through execution while managing progress with intuitive, complete, and real-time insights about your study.

  • Universal, Consistent "Data Capture"

    Prime Collect allows you to easily capture and collect data from various of clinical data sources-including eCRFs, ePROs, external data, and more-all harmonised in a single source platform to ensure completeness and consistency throughout your Study and across modules.
  • Powerful, Real-Time, Flexible Edit Checks

    Prime Collect uses flexible, powerful, easily configurable validation rules which allow you to ensure ongoing data cleanliness and quality throughout the study life cycle, quickly identifying discrepancies from the moment of capture through database lock.
  • Industry Standards-Compliant Datasets

    Prime Collect provides built-in support and easy configuration for a wide range of industry and software standards, allowing you to rapidly and automatically transform your data into the formats you need at any stage of your study, from coding, review, analysis, to submission.
  • Accelerate Study Timelines

    Prime's suite of Clinical Research modules-including Construct and Collect-are all powered by our Clinical Logic Engine and specifically engineered to help automate and accelerate timelines, reducing time spent on everything from system configuration, data entry, review to database lock.
  • Easily Ensure Clean, High-Quality Data

    Getting clean data is easier and faster with AuroraPrime and our Clinical Logic Engine-from powerful, auto-generated, and configurable validation rules to real-time evaluation during capture , preventing data discrepancies and maintaining protocol compliance has never been easier.
  • Manage Risks and Reduce Delays

    Reduce the risk of unnecessary issues and delays-Prime Comprehend's deep integration with every feature module in Prime's Suite brings you holistic, real-time insights sooner and helps you make decisions faster.
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