AuroraPrime Construct
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AuroraPrime Construct empowers study designers to flexibly and efficiently configure studies and manage study amendments at a granular level, without the need for any customized code or technical support. Meanwhile, AuroraPrime Construct provides an easily extensible foundation to support future needs, especially increasingly complex studies and study designs.
AuroraPrime Construct increases data quality via more flexible controls and more detection tools for data validation and comparison, and boosts efficiency through automation and reusable components.

  • Casebook Builder

    Casebook Builder empowers users to design any Case Report Form freely and to tailor it at a grianular level. Not only will it let users set up the essentials of any ODM-compliant object in a CRF but also it will save users tons of time and efforts by obviating the need to write a single line of code. With Form Builder, validation, dynamic activation, derivation and automation configuration are merely a few clicks away.
  • Casebook Builder

    Study Schedule Builder lets study designers set up visits in an intuitive and effortless manner. Users can create visits and corresponding forms within each event easily through drag and drop. Using Study Scheduler, users can meet any complex study design challenges by flexibly building any combinations of forms into the study schedule.
  • Logic Engine

    As the heart of AuroraPrime Construct, Logic Engine drives the entire study design and operation toward automation and self-governance with low or no manual assistance. It helps reduce tons of time in validation, activation, and derivation rendering by generating hundreds of lines of code automatically. It can also assist users in programming rules that can be applicable to multiple scenarios. The intuitive interface and the usage of readable syntax let users create rules easily without any ambiguity.
  • High Efficiency in Study Configuration

    Through componentized, ODM-compliant design, Casebook Builder effectively lowers clinical development cost and increases productivity by reusing and repurposing components.
  • Easily Extensible

    Logic Engine taps into clinical data collected throughout various phases of trials. With the increasingly rich functionality of AuroraPrime, the system is highly extensible to offer more comprehensive intelligent capabilities that traverse the entire workflow from study design to submission.
  • Low Learning Curve

    Construct's intuitive, visual user interface lets study designers configure highly complex rules and conditions through click-and-point, drag-and-drop. Powerful declarative syntax and plugins streamline the configuration of data validation rules without coding and non-technical users can focus on the study rather than the tool.
  • Open System

    Construct adopts ODM-compliant data structure that is fully compliant with industry accepted standards. Construct provides full-fledged APIs that can be used to seamlessly integrate with other mainstream clinical trial management systems.
  • Low Operating Cost with High Quality Result

    Increased efficiency and low learning curve drastically cut back on operating cost. Automated configuration and system administration ensure high quality study design through collaboration while minimizing data validation time and reducing cost.
  • ODM-Compliant Data Structure

    Construct's ODM-compliant data structure promotes efficiencies throughout the clinical development process and ensures effective data exchange and seamless interoperability with other systems in full compliance with the industry's leading standards.
  • Intuitive User Interface

    Intuitive and user-friendly user interface lets you design your study through simple drag-and-drop, letting you get started with little learning curve and meet evolving study requirements with ease.
  • Study Configuraiton Templates

    You can jumpstart your study configurations by importing ODM-compliant study configuration templates and amend your design based on your study protocol.
  • No-Code Implementation of Logic Rules

    You can now implement cross-form field activation and complex data validation rules without writing a single line of code. Casebook Designer and Schedule Builder let you create and configure components in a visual-based, drag-and-drop manner and auto-generate functional logic rules for you.
  • Reusable Components

    Highly granular reusable components boost efficiency in casebook configurations and ensures flexibility and scalability to meet study design challenges at any level of complexity.
  • Plain and Precise Declarative Expressions

    The Logic Engine constructs rules using plain and precise declarative expressions. Its powerful combination of functions and expressions makes it possible to address a range of use cases using a single line of rule definition, which significantly simplifies and streamlines clinical data validation.
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