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Welcome to Yaocheng

Use technology to advance innovation in life science and consumer health.
Faster, more accessible and evidence-based.

Explore Aurora's Unique Solutions

Full Scenario Digital Clinical Trial Solution for Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices

Originating from the integration, openness, intelligence and adaptability of the AuroraPrime platform, we have built a variety of solutions that can be completely out-of-the-box for the digital intelligence demand of each main scenario of pharmaceutical and medical device clinical research's entire processes, so as to enable life science innovative companies to directly use multiple AuroraPrime platform product portfolios to meet challenges. At the same time, the highly open platform features support enterprises to achieve personalized system docking to fit usage habits in multiple scenarios and SOPs.


Consumer Cosmetics Clinical Digital Intelligence Solutions

Empowering scientific innovation in the consumer health industry with digitization.

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A New Generation of Life Science Clinical Research Cloud Platform

AuroraPrime's cloud computing platform is designed to streamline clinical research for life science companies. The platform includes interconnected modules, a powerful clinical logic engine, and a unique insight network. It's also future-proof to adapt to the changing landscape of clinical trials.
Using innovative technologies, AuroraPrime's platform empowers life science companies to efficiently generate and manage clinical research documents. This leads to improved efficiency in collecting and applying clinical trial data, as well as process automation and intelligent decision-making.


Complete integrated system

Protocol design - Database Building - EDC - RTSM - DCT - Biostatistics - CSR Generation

Improve the efficiency of all aspects of clinical trials

Maintain high-quality data from beginning to end

Improve trial risk management

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Improve the efficiency of clinical research and development and
bring innovative products to market faster.