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Prime Collect is an Electronic Data Capture System (EDC) on the AuroraPrime clinical research platform. Its goal is to achieve intelligent and standardized clinical data collection. With efficient and intelligent database construction capabilities, Prime Collect enables rapid deployment from the clinical trial protocol to the EDC database. It includes core functions such as data collection, real-time quality control, format conversion, and data migration. Strictly adhering to international clinical platform standards, Prime Collect has obtained various certifications internationally, ensuring a more stable, intelligent, and accurate clinical data processing throughout the entire process for users around the world.


Improve Database Building Efficiency

Accelerate the Clinical Trial Process by Fast Deployment and Efficient Operation

Ensure High-quality Data from Start to Finish

Risk Management and Study Insights

Key Features

Online Mock CRF Editor

Quickly generate structured Mock CRF and various logics from the protocol.

CRF Template Support

Build and accumulate organization-level templates to support project standardization and high-quality deployment.

Rules Auto Generation via DVP

One-click conversion of natural language text to edit checks, saving time for logic configuration.

Automatic UAT Testing

Automatic testing in EDC with full tracks, ensuring compliance and efficiency.

Data Standardization

Meet various professional data standards globally, ensuring data compliance and quality.

Focused Work Mode

Users can quickly filter visits and forms based on their roles, and efficiently batch process pending tasks.

Data Export

Support various report data formats, ensuring fast and stable data export performance.

Data Migration

Support multiple pre-rehearsal modes such as online comparison of simulated migrated subject data to ensure the operability and quality of data migration.

The integration and user-friendly experience of Prime Collect (EDC) and Prime Control (RTSM) products, along with the timely and professional technical support from the AlphaPrime team, left a deep impression on us.

Yujue Wang, Ph.D.

Data Management Director, RemeGen

Improve the efficiency of clinical research and development and
bring innovative products to market faster.