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Prime Create is an intelligent writing system on the AuroraPrime clinical research platform, supporting the intelligent and efficient generation of key clinical research documents throughout the entire clinical research process.


Increased Productivity in Writing Study Protocols

Increased Efficiency in Collaborative Review

Continuous Accumulation of Organizational Knowledge

Structured Content

Key Features

Doc Template

The system provides standardized and reusable document information within the document templates.

Content Recommendation

The system provides a large number of recommended contents for chapters in the document, organized from public and official sources.

Project-level Synchronizable Variables

The document templates have a large number of built-in global automatic synchronization variables.

Visualized Workflow Editing

The system lets you build the clinical trial workflow through visual and interactive means.

2-Way Interaction Between Trial Workflow and Textual Description

The system features 2-way interaction between trial workflow and textual description.

Data Component

The system supports the linkage of documents and data.

Collaborative Authoring & Review In Parallel

The system supports multiple users editing and reviewing the same document online.

We are excited to partner with AlphaLife Science Group and their Prime Create product, which offers a comprehensive authoring system for protocol design in clinical research. The system includes content authoring assistance, intelligent content generation, structured content, online team collaboration, historical version management, approval flow, and knowledge retention and application. Prime Create goes beyond standard authoring systems with its intelligent expansion and future capabilities. We are impressed by the detailed, professional, and convenient functions it offers, which will undoubtedly improve the efficiency and quality of medical writing.

Medical Writing and Information Department, CSPC

Improve the efficiency of clinical research and development and
bring innovative products to market faster.