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As a remote intelligent clinical study solution, Prime Connect is the matrix of products and services on the AuroraPrime clinical research platform that supports decentralized clinical trials, driven by a powerful Clinical Logic Engine to implement various complex designs.

Challenges of Remote Clinical Trials

  • 1

    Don't know how to conduct a DCT trial or include DCT elements in a study

  • 2

    Untimely paper-based PRO / Diary data collection

  • 3

    Poor subject compliance

  • 4

    Site visits time-consuming and costly, increasing burden and cost

Our DCT solution brings customer

  • 1

    Support Implementation of Complex Designs

  • 2

    Support Adaptable and Variable Trial Processes

  • 3

    Customizable Compliance Management and Dashboards

  • 4

    Data Quality Check and Data Insights

  • 5

    Adaptable Module Deployment and Integration

  • 6

    Seamlessly Integrated with Prime Collect (EDC)

Case study

Customer F, a leading AI pharmaceutical company in China, encountered the following challenges in their remote clinical trials:

  • 01

    Trial design necessitated strict and adaptable data entry reminders prior to subject enrollment. Data collection was required remotely for five days within a week, either consecutively or intermittently. Failure to complete data entry resulted in disqualification from enrollment.

  • 02

    Trial design mandated data entry by subjects 2-3 hours after waking up, with wake-up time serving as the baseline for controlling the timing of data entry.

AuroraPrime's DCT solution addresses customer's challenges with a comprehensive product matrix:

Adaptable Data Entry Reminders

AuroraPrime's DCT solution prompts subjects to enter data under complex conditions, such as reminding them to enter data if there are less than 5 days of data recorded within a week (consecutively or dispersed), ensuring compliance with the enrollment criteria and enabling the trial to proceed on schedule.

Customizable Compliance Management

AuroraPrime's DCT solution sends reminders to subjects based on the time they filled in the previous day's data, reminding them 23 hours later at a similar time or sending a generic reminder at 10 am if the subject usually wakes up at 8 am.

Customer Recognition

AuroraPrime's DCT product suite is an adatable and user-friendly solution that is highly controllable and designed to meet the needs of romote clinical trials. It enables subject reminders and data entry based on the requirements of trial designs, as well as rapid implementation and configuration of complex trial designs, and compliance management on the subject side. Prime Connect is helping us address many of the challenges of conducting remote clinical trials in China.

Improve the efficiency of clinical research and development and
bring innovative products to market faster.