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AuroraPrime's efficient clinical study management solution provides a low-code clinical operation management platform with multiple templates and processes which can meet the management needs of various clinical trials and enterprise-level SOPs. Combined with the full data flow of Prime Collect (EDC), it enables more efficient operational management.

You are suffering from traditional clinical
project management systems

  • 1

    Duplication of data entry in EDC and CTMS systems, consuming unnecessary time and posing human risks

  • 2

    Complex implementation of standard systems that cannot 100% meet the enterprise's unique needs. Traditional customized systems have shortcomings in system scalability and upgrades

Our solution brings customer

  • 1

    Prime Collect timely and automatically docks data to Prime Coordinate, reducing 100% of duplicate data entry work and completely eliminating transcription errors

  • 2

    Prime Coordinate provides out-of-the- box requirement modules, powerful and flexible underlying technology that supports highly customizable enterprise-level management requirements and operational habits. It also provides comprehensive and convenient support for third-party docking

Case study

Customer E, as a leading innovative pharmaceutical company in China, has faced the following challenges in trial project management:

  • 01

    The comprehensive demand for CTMS by the enterprise is difficult to fulfill.

  • 02

    The flow of data between EDC and CTMS is often time-consuming and requires a lot of rework, which is not conducive to the normal operation of project management work.

AuroraPrime's clinical study project management solution, Prime Coordinate, addresses system integration and data flow challenges with the following key features:

Function 1: 100% Customization

Leveraging AuroraPrime's low-code technology platform, Prime Coordinate offers complete customization to meet enterprise-level CTMS requirements and users' specific needs through modular components.

Function 2: Integration of AuroraPrime Products

Automated data flow between AuroraPrime's products—Prime Collect (EDC), Prime Catalog (eTMF), and Prime Coordinate (CTMS)—saves valuable time in clinical operation management. Prime Coordinate includes ready-to-use management templates for streamlined processes.

Function 3: Open Integration

Prime Coordinate tightly integrates clinical data with operational processes and management, facilitating efficient collaboration across departments, users, and datasets.

With the integration of EDC data, project financial management can also be efficiently implemented via AuroraPrime's solution. The project progress generated by EDC data enables CTMS to automatically generate payment plan and balance management for each clinical research center. At payment milestones, relevant project personnel are promptly reminded.

Customer Recognition

The end to end data flow between EDC and CTMS meets all our operational management needs and allows for a quicker implementation of CTMS. From the perspectives of time, cost, and efficiency, AuroraPrime's solution comprehensively empowers both clinical operation and IT teams.

Improve the efficiency of clinical research and development and
bring innovative products to market faster.