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Prime Coordinate is an innovative CTMS system on the AuroraPrime clinical research platform. Prime Coordinate enables users to quickly set up their enterprise CTMS core management processes by using out-of-the-box CTMS function templates and knowledge base configuration (including project management, personnel management, planning management, monitoring management, quality management, risk management, etc.), and assembling the complete CTMS functional structure required by the enterprise through business components provided by AuroraPrime component market. At the same time, our implementation team or enterprise IT department can easily customize SOPs, management models, and functional modules that fully comply with enterprise-owned processes through interface configuration and low-code-level configuration.


Improving CTMS Deployment Efficiency

Meeting Enterprise Individualized Demands

Improving the Efficiency of Various Reports for the Operations Management Team

Quickly Detecting Risks and Problems

Key Features

CTMS Template Library

Out-of-the-box CTMS templates cover the management of projects, personnel, milestones, plans, reporting, and risk alerts, etc.

Mobile Reporting and Configuration

The system supports the standard Word template modeling of enterprises, and users can fill in, review and sign through the mobile end.

Risk Monitoring

The system provides rich mathematical and statistical functions that can be flexibly defined to monitor and mitigate risks in real-time.

Visual Components

The system provides nearly a hundred sets of visual component styles to meet various visual presentation demands.

Interface Configuration, Code Customization, And Third-party Integration

Enabling the construction of CTMS functions that fully meet their own management demands.

Improve the efficiency of clinical research and development and
bring innovative products to market faster.